A Very Dirty Martini or Filthy Martini is very dirty/filthy because of the olive/anchovy brine which adds more kick than the straight Dirty Martini with olive brine, not because of what it frequently leads to. I use Andalusian olives soaked in anchovy brine because they are available here, I like anchovies, and because I'm like that. Don't overdo the brine otherwise the cocktail will taste just like the River Thames just off Canvey Island.


5 parts gin from the freezer
1 part Noilly Prat
4 drips Angustura bitters.
1-2 parts olive/anchovy brine to taste
3 olives


1. Pour the Noilly Prat into a frozen mixing glass filled with ice.
2. Add 4 drips of Angustura.
3. Strain and discard the liquid from the mixing glass.
4. Pour the gin (never vodka, please) into the mixing glass.
5. Slowly add the olive/anchovy brine.
4. Stir.
5. Strain into a frozen cocktail glass.
6. Add 3 olives on a stick.

The mixing glass, the Gin and the Martini glass should all be ice cold, straight from the freezer. The olives should come straight from the fridge. Ask Luis Buñuel. He knew why.

"One Martini is allright, two are too many, and three aren't enough". James Thurber

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