floating eco block

Dutch architect Koen Olthius, of Waterstudio, has envisioned a modern prefabricated housing complex to solve the problem of rising and falling tides, which the Dutch have been fighting for centuries. Instead of expensive means to contain tides and prevent water from flooding the low-lying areas, Koen is working on completely different approach – floating housing complexes.
Koen believes that containing water is difficult and instead of working on ways that promise to solve the purpose, the world should be ready with architecture that makes people live in harmony with water. Koen has designed the world’s first floating apartment complex, The Citadel, which will help people live on water and save energy at the same time.
The project makes use of water to regulate the interior temperatures of the complex, which helps in saving up to 25% energy than a conventional building on land. The design makes use of prefabricated modules for 60 luxury apartments, a car park and a floating road. The units will be built into a small area, making the housing complex achieve a density of 30 units per acre of water.
In addition to the use of energy saving systems, the complex will include greenhouses and each of the units will come with its own garden terrace as well as a view of the lake on which they’re built.
This seems to be one of many initiatives being developed in Holland to combat rising water levels as a consequence of global warming. Working with nature rather than against it.

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