Two Polish architecture students (ryszard rychlicki & agnieszka nowak) have "reinvented" the idea of building as water butt. Whilst this may not be a new idea to those of us living around the Mediterranean, where ingenious methods to harvest rainwater have been used for centuries, it is an interesting proposal, above all given the urban context. 

The project claims to supply 80L of the 150L average (european)  daily personal water consumption, using a combination of roof top reservoirs, and a literally groovy facade harvesting system. Surplus water is stored in the basement, which I suspect could also be used to control the building's temperature with heat pumps.

The images suggest that the inspiration for the facade comes from the way that some plants collect rainwater, which strikes me as totally appropriate.
Images: ryszard rychlicki, agnieszka nowak (www.h3ar.pl)

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