energy producing fab lab house

competition winning off-grid house prototype, producing more energy than it consumes, and using a structure of readily accessible materials readily available anywhere in the world. 

this house is prefabricated using laser-cut plywood, delivered and assembled on location, minimizing embodied energy, but maximising the specific nature of the house: prefabrication as response to specific requirements rather than as a mass-produced panacea. the components are the result of personalised fabrication using CAD CAM, and are designed to fit in standard containers for ease of transport. solar panels adhere to the curved roof maximising solar energy generation. the elevated design allows for natural ventilation, and shaded external areas for play, lunch or just a siesta.

images courtesy of iaac.
the advantages of prefabricated timber design become more glaringly obvious as both clients and the construction industry have begun to take it seriously. 

sustainable forest management for timber production converts CO2 from the atmosphere into building products

timber structures are carbon negative .amongst  building materials, timber has the lowest lifecycle  energy consumption of any building material

timber acts as a carbon sink. a solid timber carbon home contains 30-40m3 of timber, equivalent to approximately 32 tonnes of CO2

reduces construction costs, programme and waste, and improves performance precision and quality control

i can imagine this house in a rural rather than a suburban context, despite it's obvious "sod the neighbours" appeal.


Susan said...

Love it. Thanks for posting.

Emily Jane said...

Nice work! Maybe someone looking for 3d render service for architects and designers. I found good one - archicgi.com.